Content Builds Connection: Do You Need More?


Looking for a reliable writer you don’t have to babysit?

The mission is to maintain an independent yet transparent working relationship with you while exceeding your expectations.

After being a pharmacist for over 15 years, I understand the value of human connection through validation, respect and honesty.

You’re already solving your clients’ problem. That’s why they choose you.

Effective content marketing is about extending your presence so the right people continue to feel it at the right time. This keeps your brand on their mind as the solution to the problems you solve for them. It’s imperative to get the right information, to the right client at the right time. My content marketing strategy and services provide that.

If you’re wanting this closer connection with your clients but don’t have the time to create the required content, then you’ve reached a solution.

Eliminate the time and guesswork. Hire me to nurture your content writing needs and get back to focusing on your business and family time.

What type of written content do I offer?

  • Email newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Website content

Let’s Talk Email:

Do your readers automatically receive a nurturing welcome email sequence when they enter their email on your site?

Do they hear from your business on a regular basis with helpful information that makes their lives easier?

Emails are more than updates and latest deals.

At least 1 email per week is suggested after the welcome sequence.

Let’s Talk Blogs:

Transform your business values, products and services into relatable words consumers understand. They need to see your brand in their daily lives.

Keep your clients coming back to you as a trusted source for interesting topics that help them. Blogs need to be formatted a specific way for the best reader experience.

At least 1 per week is suggested.

Let’s Talk Social Media:

Social media captions make you a real person, not just a transaction. Let this be your time to share your values and business updates in a fun way.

As an added bonus to the premium package, you will receive social media posts optimized for Instagram and Facebook pages.

At least 3 per week is suggested.

What About Website Content?

The second stage of the buyer’s journey is consideration. Consumers are making smarter buyer decisions and part of that includes scoping out your website. They will check out your site before contacting you.

Think of your website as a first date. Wouldn’t you want it written in a way that is not only inviting, but also clearly explains what you do, how you do it and who you do it for?

That connection starts with the first impression transformed into consistent content across all pages on your website.

Website content must attract, engage and delight your readers in a way that gently guides them towards your brand as the solution to the problem you solve in a strategic yet conversational way.

Suggested starter pages are: home page, about page, service descriptions, contact page

What’s Next?

The connection starts with us first! We need to be on the same page to ensure your brand’s voice, mission and goals are present in every piece of content.

Let’s see how I can help create some content for your business and increase your connection with your clients.

A connected client is a happy client. A happy client returns with friends!

Reach out to me directly and we can set up a quick 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit and discuss the next steps.

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