The Best Type Of Copywriter For Local Businesses

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Do you think copywriting is pushy and impersonal? Hopefully not, but unfortunately that can be the box it’s locked in.

Copywriting is efficient and effective communication that gets results when it’s written correctly.

What is copy?

Copy is content made of words strategically placed to get the reader to take an action. Copywriters write copy.

The action is typically meant to sell something.

However, instead of using the word persuasive, it can also be argued that copywriters create clarity in messaging that helps the reader understand the brand’s offer.

When the offer’s solution is clearly communicated while speaking to the problem it solves, then the reader will be able to make an informed decision.

Do you ever feel like you have this great product or service but can’t seem to put it into words that other people understand? Or this awesome idea that you can’t articulate?

Maybe you want to reach out to your clients but you don’t know what interests them or how to keep the conversation going. Great copy keeps the reader engaged line by line. Sort of like an engaging movie that you can sit down and watch from start to finish without leaving the room.

Anytime you are trying to make a clear point from the problem towards a solution, you are copywriting. However, it is a skill, and not all copywriting attempts are successful.

If you’re not seeing results, then make sure you’re clear, focusing on the client, and try again.

What content does a copywriter create?

In short, the projects can vary depending on your needs. Traditionally, copywriters will take on shorter-form projects that have a significant return on investment in sales.

Projects can be short-term or long-term.

Some common copywriting project examples are:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media captions
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Website content like home pages, about pages, landing pages, and product/service descriptions
  • Advertisements
  • Slogans or tag lines
  • White papers

How are blogs considered copywriting?

You may wonder what in the world writing a blog has to do with copywriting. Good question and the answers are that it does and it doesn’t.

Blogging is typically referred to as content writing not copywriting.

This is because content writing focuses on educating, informing, and connecting while copy focuses on the sale and taking action with clarity.

Stay current and connected. Times are changing and consumers are looking to multiple means to drive buying decisions. They’re looking for connection, validation, and social proof on their terms. A client will Google your website before meeting you in person.

Having a well-written blog supporting your business values and services sets you apart from competitors by showing authority while caring about your clients.

Having a copywriter with content writing experience is the best of both worlds. Why?

Using copywriting skills while blogging will clarify the message of the blog, hook in the reader, keep them reading through the end and take an action that helps them. That action from blogs does not always have to be about something you’re selling! This builds trust between the reader and the business.

The point is that people will keep coming back to you as the source that provides helpful information with action steps for real results in their lives.

Having a copywriter write your blog engages the reader, validates their problems, and provides actionable solutions which make your brand memorable to the reader.

Pro tip: The same theory goes for email and social media captions too! Read more on this here.  

What are some important attributes of a copywriter?

  • Self-starter
  • Attentive listener
  • Content writing experience
  • Clarity in writing and communication
  • Persuasive writing techniques
  • Appeal to the intended reader
  • Have initiative on ideas and strategies
  • Avid reader
  • Adapt to the best experience for clients, not themselves

Can copywriters work remotely?

Absolutely! Copywriters are skilled artists and your work with them should feel like a partnership with the same goals.

You will need some initial intake conversations to ensure your needs, goals, project scope, timeline, deliverables, payment expectations, etc. are articulated.

After that, you can provide creative space for your copywriter to work diligently on the project.

They should be checking in as agreed and bringing insight and value to the conversation.

Is there a copywriting degree?

Nope, nothing official. Most copywriters will have samples of what they have done or what they can do. Usually, two or three samples are plenty.

They should be able to articulate what they do, how they do it, and how they can help you reach your goals.

If there’s no specific copywriting credential, what should you look for?

  • Strong writing
  • Persuasive communication
  • Creativity
  • Ability to take direction as a partner
  • Content marketing
  • Research ability
  • Search engine optimization best practices
  • Able to write for different audiences with different interests and needs
  • Optional certificates and courses to enhance writing and/or marketing skills
  • Continuing education and practice

You may notice that not all of these skills are specific to one job. Copywriters can use transferable skills from other personal and professional areas of their life and incorporate them into their process.

Is copywriting a one size fits all approach?

You may be wondering, if copywriting is a bunch of formulas does it apply to all? Yes and no.

There are numerous formulas and not all will work for the same client base. This is where the buyer’s journey comes in. This consists of content that walks a person through the stages of making a decision to purchase something.  

Any industry that sells something is at an advantage when they hire a copywriter with content writing experience.

For examples of blogs written by a copywriter, see some of my samples here.

How much does a copywriter cost?

You can search the internet high and low to see copywriter fees will vary like the wind.

Go back to the attributes, project type, and skills sections discussed here, and keep that in mind.

Figure out what your monthly marketing budget will be over time and find a quality copywriter that can accommodate it with appropriate writing services.

Keep in mind that hiring a copywriter is an investment. Like any investment, it will take time to see the return. Give it a trial of three to six months of consistency at a rate on the lower end of your monthly marketing budget range.

If things are going well, then consider remaining there or increasing your budget to keep the copywriter.

Either way, it needs to be a partnership. The copywriter must feel fairly compensated for their workload, process, demand, expertise, and time and you must see the results of your investment.

Should you hire a copywriter?

Can you do all of this on your own without a copywriter? Yes, you can do anything. But how much time would it take you? Copywriters do a lot more than run words through a formula and submit it.

It takes time to research, edit, format, optimize and create a strategy for content that yields optimal results. Depending on the project scope, it’s an additional part-time to full-time job.

Questions to say “yes” to before hiring a copywriter include:

  • Do you see the value of building connections with clients through consistent content?
  • Do you want to assign the work to create content to a subject matter expert so you can save time to focus on operating your successful business?
  • Do you have a monthly marketing budget to comfortably afford a copywriter/content writer?
  • Are you able to check in with your copywriter periodically and allow them to deliver premium service by the agreed deadline(s) without micromanaging?
  • Are you willing to give it at least 3 months to see results?

It’s typical practice for business owners to hire subject matter experts to save them time and maximize efficiency in their business plans. deciding

Including a copywriter for emails, blogs, and social content in your marketing budget will save you time and increase client retention through value-added content that creates connection.

Hire a copywriter to save time and serve as an extension of your brand into your clients’ daily lives.

Connection is the common thread

This is a special place to be. To be connected is to feel seen, heard, and validated.

Copywriters must be able to write to your ideal client in a way that attracts and interests them before asking for action. That’s just polite in any situation, right?

These skilled writers must also write in your ideal client’s voice and address their specific problem. When someone feels like you are speaking directly to them and helping them along the way, this builds connection.

Consistent problem-solving content builds connection. Connection leads to action. Those actions lead to increase business for you.

You should trust that content in the hands of a subject matter expert that listens actively to your concerns, knows your goals, and can speak to your brand’s mission and values. You want that expertise on your team.

Go from outdated to current and connected! 

If you need a copywriter to create consistent content, then contact me directly here, and let’s start the conversation to see if we’re a good fit.

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