Email Marketing Sequence Samples: Welcome and Targeted Lead Magnet Thank You Emails

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Note: Intentionally put *insert hyperlink* where there was one in the original. Same for *insert subscriber name*. Live links were removed since some of these products are no longer active.

Sample One: General Welcome Sequence

Below is a sample general welcome sequence I created for a previous blog for new email subscribers.  

Buyer persona: 35-year-old newly working mothers that wanted easy-to-follow health tips for themselves.

They were married, had at most 3 kids, and were busy. They were also the primary caregivers anytime someone in the family was sick so it was important for them to make healthy choices.

The mothers worked full-time jobs outside of the home and were away from their families while working.

These moms subscribed to receive straight-to-the-point health tips that were empathetic, reliable, and honest.

Goal: Obtain resource library clients

Stage of the buyer’s journey: problem aware

Email 1 of welcome sequence

Subject line:

Healthy motherhood is simple, right (*insert subscriber’s name*)?

Email body:

Hey (*insert subscriber’s name*),

One location to find easy-to-understand tips on healthy motherhood. That’s the dream, right?

If so, then you just made the best decision. You just signed up for a reputable health partner to help you tackle this healthy lifestyle journey alongside motherhood one day at a time.

How? With simple tips to guide you along the way.

In addition to the public blog, you’ll continue to receive free gifts through these email updates that are exclusive to email subscribers.

You opened this email to get your freebie, so here it is.

*insert hyperlink to download the freebie*

Let’s get started!

Want extra support?

Our Instagram profile is like a mini version of the blog on the go.

Follow along! (*insert IG hyperlink*)

You’ll be receiving additional support over the next few days from this email.

*Insert signature*

Email 2 of welcome sequence

Subject line:

Hey, (*insert subscriber’s name*), your input is valuable

Email body:

Hi (name),

How’s it going? Really think about it for a second because you’re going to revisit those thoughts in a moment.

Read through my story here (*insert link*) and get to know how I can help you better.

In a nutshell, I’m a mom, wife, and nerdy pharmacist that enjoys the simplest kindergarten-level DIY projects.

I was an independent woman totally set in her ways that got married, pregnant, and thrown into working mom life in just over a year. That’s a lot going on at once. The struggle was real my friend!

Sounding familiar?

I say this to let you know you’re not alone.

So much life-altering change in such little time. Although worth every second, overwhelm can quickly swarm around you.

Some guidance to make a lifestyle change is to handle it is available.

Knowledge, planning, and action kill the overwhelm of change.

Every mother needs guidance and support with motherhood, health, and empowering activities like DIY projects. Your health is key, but often neglected because you’re being pulled in so many directions.

Once you start this lifestyle change of receiving support in these areas of your life it’s like a weight is lifted. Mom life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You won’t find stuffy parenting, judgy mom life, or over-your-head health tips here.

I keep it real and break it down into actionable, easy-to-follow empowering tips for the everyday mom.

Back to how you’re doing.

What topic(s) on the blog would really spark your interest? What health topic would help with what you’re going through right now?

I would love to create more valuable information on that and send another free guide your way sometime! Just hit reply and let me know.

*Insert signature*

Email 3 of welcome sequence

Subject line:

Exclusive access is waiting for you

Email body:

Hey there (*insert subscriber’s name*),

Have you come across any useful goodies in the resource library?

As a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be the first to know as it continues to get updated with stress-relieving health tips for working moms.

In the next day or you’ll start receiving weekly health content straight to your inbox to make motherhood less stressful as well. It may be tips, a summary of a recent blog, or a free challenge to put the tips into action.

This means you get access to the library of printable health tips in addition to this weekly newsletter.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? No problem, just hit reply and let me know. Your email will come straight to me and I will respond within 3 days.

*Insert Signature*

Sample 2: Lead Magnet Thank You Sequence

Below is a sample thank you sequence I created for a previous blog after requesting a lead magnet.

Buyer persona: Married Generation X overwhelmed first-time working mothers.

The mothers were in their early 40s as first-time moms and worked full-time jobs outside of the home. They were away from their families while working. They are current blog readers and already subscribe to the blog’s weekly newsletter.

Lead magnet: “The Ultimate Guide to Maximize Bonding on Maternity Leave”

Goal: Purchase the course “Momming Through Corporate”: Efficient Bonding Solutions For New Full-Time Working Moms.

Stage of the buyer’s journey: Consideration/solution aware

Initial automatic email when the lead magnet is requested

Subject line:

Here it is! Squeeze in that bonding with ease

Email body of automatic email delivering the lead magnet:

Your maternity leave is too short for your comfort and you want to get the most bonding time squeezed in as possible.

If so, then you just made the best decision ever.

It’s an understatement that postpartum bonding varies and is not always easy. Some moms need a little guidance along the way, especially when they’re anxious about getting back to work.

Let’s squeeze in all that juicy bonding and get you back to work refreshed. Your guide also includes some bonus information for what to do next to step your bonding game up when you return to work.

Click here to instantly download “The Ultimate Guide to Maximize Bonding on Maternity Leave” (*insert hyperlink*)

More support

Don’t you just love how you get this beautiful little helpless creature and then it’s like “here ya go, figure it out!” Well not here. I’ll be checking in on you throughout the week with some motivation and tips to stay on track with your guide.

Just hit reply if you have any questions or comments.

Follow up email #1


Been there, here’s some extra bonding tips

Email body:

How’s it going so far? Are you sneaking in some rest? Are you tired of being asked that? LOL.

You may be feeling the struggle of wanting to get as much out of maternity leave as possible knowing you have to return to work.

It’s easy to get so caught up in it that you almost completely neglect self-care but you don’t have to. Tackle the mindset of bonding quality over quantity and understand that quality must include your quality of life. Say that 3 times fast!

That was a lot when you’re low on sleep. In other words, take care of yourself to be more present. Know how to individualize your self-care during this time because it looks different for everyone.

In the guide, you have advice on how to sprinkle in intentional self-care throughout your maternity leave. It’s not selfish. It’s a necessity and you deserve every bit of it.

It helps you to refresh and be a better mom and person. Your guide includes 20 self-care tips to work through.

Extra bonuses to increase your happy hormone

On the blog, there are some ways to increase your happy hormone called serotonin. Below are a few bonus tips not included in that article. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

  1. Gratitude — Write down 3 things you are thankful for daily
  2. Happy Memories – Write down 3 happy memories and keep them somewhere accessible. Research has shown that people focusing on happy memories produce more serotonin!

Keep in touch!

Hit reply and let me know what your favorite thing to do was before you were pregnant that you’re ready to get back to. It will happen in due time.

Follow-up email #2


Silly bonding is effective. Try this one.

Email body:

Have you made up any silly mommy songs yet? Sometimes you just have to do what works. Babies love the sound of mama’s voice. They don’t care if we’re off-key or not rhyming. Sometimes it’s the connection and often times a nice distraction, but when it works, you’re golden!

I’m not going to keep you, I know you’re busy bonding. I just wanted to pop in quickly and give you another tip.

Below is a template you can use to keep record of any song you make up to comfort your baby. My son still recognized certain songs well after a year. During rough postpartum times those songs may be your secret weapon to make you smile.

Click here to access your free printable mama song template! *insert hyperlink*

Happy momming! Talk to you later. P.S. An exclusive invitation will be in your inbox in the next few days!

*insert signature*

Follow-up email #3

Subject line:

Exclusive invitation for you

Email body:

I’ve been working in corporate full-time for over 15 years. During that time I earned a personal training certification, and fitness nutrition certifications, got married, had 2 kids, and continued to meet personal goals outside of work. Out of all that, the main priority is quality time with my kids.

That’s probably you’re priority too if you’re here. It can be done, but you must include strategic time management practices that are holistic to you.

As you continue to work through your maternity leave bonding guide, you will notice that each exercise is individualized to your values, needs, and preferred timeline.

You’re building a foundation of a wellness mindset and setting systems in place to achieve that. This combination will put you on the track to effective lifestyle change.

Keep going with the guide and don’t let all your hard effort disappear when you return to work.

What’s Next?!

If you’re finding value and results in this maternity leave bonding guide, then there’s more.

An exclusive invitation

The complete course “Momming Through Corporate” provides efficient bonding solutions for new full-time working moms like you.

The course will

  • guide you through returning to work
  • include a time management plan
  • add high-quality bond-boosting moments into your daily life

You’ll no longer feel like you’re short on time or distant from your new baby after completion of this course. 

This is currently only being offered to subscribers that complete the free ultimate maternity leave bonding guide you’re working on.

Click here for details (*insert landing page hyperlink*)

Happy resting,

*insert closing and signature*

Email sequence and prompt samples

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