How to set priorities as a working mom in 5 steps

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Okay, so you know you have to get stuff done. You have the to do list all written down and ready to schedule but you get stuck.

Seriously though, what gets done first when it all feels like a priority? How do you avoid feeling guilty when you simply cannot get it all done at the time you want?

If you could benefit from an easy and efficient way of organizing your to do list then you, my friend, are in the right place. It’s not difficult to actually get things done and get more free time, you just need the right system that works for your lifestyle as a working mom. Part of that system is knowing how to prioritize.

I want you to get results without the hassle, stress and time consuming learning curve of a million different tools to get your organization game down.

It’s key to know what truly matters most to your heart and contributes to you being your best self. This helps to start to ease that guilt. We’ll cover this.

About that system

Back to finding an efficient system that works. Working moms need a set it and forget type of system. Am I right?

Overwhelmed, behind, inadequate, always trying to play catch up.

If these sound familiar then keep reading to start turning it around.

As moms in general we start to blame ourselves when we feel this way. Again, it’s not you, it’s your system.

For example, when a medication error happens at work we look at the system first, not the person.

How are your systems set up to work for you, your lifestyle and your unique personality?

No feeling under the sun is new mama. I can guarantee you that I have felt this way and nearly every working mom has been there.

You’re doing a great job no matter what those feelings tell you.

My goal is to make this part of your life easier with a system to try. It’s given other working moms success and I want the same for you.

Let’s get started.

How to prioritize your working mom life

1. Values

I love love love talking about values. Everyone has that one thing they nerd out about. Mine is the combo of values and time management. Once I put the two together it was like a light bulb went off. Getting this down will breathe life into your days.

What are values?

Values are things that make you the best version of yourself. For the most part they are based in a feeling or emotion.

2. Is your time valuable?

The point here is to be aware of how and where you are spending your time.  

3. Let’s prioritize

Deadlines will help you determine which tasks are urgent or important.

Break it down

Your “to do” list may seem like it piles on quickly because you’re so needed and obviously busy.

However, it is necessary to make time for the important things in your life. These will mostly be what’s feeding into those values we discussed and they give you a break from the hustle of true urgency.

Your mindset starts to shift and your outlook on the tasks become more appreciative and rewarding.

Pay yourself first

Pro tip: put self care on the calendar first! It’s a game changer.

I’ve been there

Faith in God, self expression, health, service and quality time are some serious values of mine.

When I take steps to work on my blog I get to exercise those values in different ways and I get fulfilled each time.

As a result I feel the work makes me a better wife, mama and worker, etc.

Do you see why values and time management are my favorite couple? I warned you it makes me nerd out lol.

4. Order and Schedule

Actually get those tasks on the calendar with reminders. If you don’t document it, then it wont happen.

Buuut how does a working mama decide the order in which things get done?

Give yourself some small wins to keep you going.

Try creating a weekly schedule to avoid getting overwhelmed.

5. Revisit and clean up

Revisit your boundaries and evaluate any conflicts and their significance.

Can you delegate or eliminate these?

When delegating is not an option

I’ve always seen delegating as a privilege. To keep it real, not every working mom has that option. If this is you, please know that I see you and I feel you. You’re doing the best you can with what you have. Hard work always pays off.

There may not be family, funds or even staff available to delegate.

If not, then can you change your mindset until you can? Is it a means to an end?

If so, then maybe the mindset for that task is that it’s a temporary means to you reaching your valuable goal.

How did it go?

Okay, so after completing this exercise you should have outlined a reliable system for prioritizing your tasks.

Have you already started identifying some of your values? Did you learn something about yourself? This system will help you dive deeper.

Start feeling better about the work you do and pay yourself first by including real self care.

It helps you to have a clearer mind as you conquer the rest of your to do list.

Leave a comment and let me know a value or two of yours.


Okay, so as a working mom I’m sure you know you have to get stuff done. You have the to do list all written down and ready to schedule but you get stuck on how to prioritize it. Seriously though, what gets done first when it all feels like a priority? Here is a 5 step system to quickly get your to do list off paper, scheduled and actually completed. You will even learn how to put yourself first in the process. Take a look and get a free printable guide as well.

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