3 Steps To Write Thank You Emails Like A Successful First Date + Sample

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If a client signed up to join your email newsletter in exchange for a free printable gift that answers a problem they have, what would you do?

Let’s say you know your ideal client so well that you understand they are confused on why they feel overwhelmed and short on time.

If you don’t know the strategic process to get that information, it includes creating a buyer persona and their stages of awareness for your business. Here is a template outline and there are more guides out there. If you need help creating these, start here.  

Back to your sample customer. So as a solution to their problem, you provide them with a convenient way to quickly identify behaviors they are doing to contribute to their problem and how they can fix it themselves.

So, instead of saying “thanks for your email, here you go!” or “thank you for joining my newsletter, stay tuned for updates”, let’s remix it to be more inviting, solution-driven, and connecting.

There’s a time and place for one-liners, but not here.

What is email marketing?

One of the services offered here is email marketing, but what does that mean?

In short, it’s a way to initiate and continue direct contact with your potential or existing customers. The email subscriber must give consent and always have a way to unsubscribe.

Email marketing is a strategy of its own because you will need to send the right email to the right person at the right time.

You can do this through a comprehensive email service provider such as MailerLite, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. Start with a free version to get the hang of it and go from there. Your content marketer may be able to assist or do it for you.

What types of emails are included?

  • Thank you emails
  • Welcome email sequences
  • Email newsletters
  • Nurturing email sequences
  • Announcement emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Email campaigns

Having this one on one contact with your email subscriber allows you to build a bond with them while educating them on your brand. This bond makes it easier to retain them as clients and sell your services in the future. You get your own fan base that wants to hear from you!

Although email marketing can do all that, it’s useless without two foundational points.

Your email must solve a problem and build connection to be most effective. Why? Because it builds authority and trust.

This is why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity of a well written thank you email.

3 Step email process to earn your client’s trust

Remember, this is a first impression for most of your readers at this point. Trust is not freely given here, you must earn it.

You’re going to thank them over a series of emails that deliver, inform, and continue to support without being pushy.

You may notice that the example is written using “you” language and not “I”. This is because the content is specifically driven to focus on the reader and their needs.

Below are 3 steps to writing an effective thank you email that retains clients.

These are excerpts from an email sequence I created in the past.

It’s not the full content, but enough for you to get the flow and idea. 

Step 1: A click-worthy subject line

Pro tip: Send the email the same day they receive their gift.

This is where you don’t just say “thanks, here you go!”

This is the email your reader receives in addition to the promised free product. It includes a catchy subject line. Why? Because you need their attention and click.

You know they want to open the email because it has the gift they signed up for.

A catchy yet appropriately written subject line lets you land in the inbox and not the spam folder. It also encourages the client to follow up on that catchy line and read your email to see what you’re talking about.

Use that as an opportunity to get them used to opening and reading your emails beyond the free gift.

The subject line for this sample is:

As requested, here’s your quality time booster and more.

Step 2: Hook, deliver, and nurture

From this subject line they see it’s something they asked for, they see exactly what it is and now they’re intrigued because it says “more”.

More free stuff? Of course they’ll open it to find out.

Okay, so you have an attractive subject line. Next, keep your word and build trust by nurturing that subject line with supportive information. You don’t want click bait. Be honest and helpful.

First, give them the gift. They’re going to be scanning your email for it anyway. Next, give them more support.

Here’s a short sample:

“As promised, here is your gift below for safe keeping. Just click the link for an instant download.


Think of this as a gift to yourself. You deserve it. Included are 5 time management mistakes you’re making in everyday life with a dedicated fix for each.

Working moms are some of the busiest people on the planet and you wear so many hats. When you’re stressed and told to simply slow down to make more time it becomes more unrealistic than offensive.

Time management is not a skill you’re born with. These 5 fixes are not going to work instantly either. It takes consistency and practice.

You have now gifted yourself with the process to wrap your head around what’s going on and how to get started. You’ve already taken the first step. Congratulations!

More free stuff for you

Free Lesson Tomorrow!

Again, time management is a skill and you will not be left hanging if you need some help applying the 5 fixes in your gift.

Tomorrow, you will receive an email with a free lesson detailing how to fix these mistakes in your own unique way so that the changes actually stick.

You don’t want to miss it. It’s time to find clarity and peace with your busy life instead of burn out and frustration.

Stay tuned if you want to stop feeling this way and finally start getting things done with the right mindset. That’s really all it boils down to.

Mindset and systems.

Learn how to quickly put the two together tomorrow and be on your steadfast way to a life less stressful. You deserve it!

Open the email tomorrow and keep a copy.

Rest well.”

The above sample provided tons of value and solutions to common pain points the persona encounters.

Step 3: Keep your word

Think of this like when someone takes you on a date and says they’ll call the next day. It’s impolite to ghost on a date, so why would you do that to prospective clients?

Read your email carefully. Did you make a promise? Phrases like stay tuned, updates to follow, more on the way. If so, keep it!

Show that you keep your word. 

For example, in the provided example, I let the reader know that another email would be delivered the next day. I also let them know exactly what type of helpful content to expect in that email.

The email was automatically delivered to their inbox with the exact content promised the next day.

Creative, consistent problem-solving content builds trust and helps guide your clients along their buying and staying journey.

Always reflect

This example was taken from a 3 day email sequence I wrote for this free lead magnet that went with this post.

The reader’s second email delivered on the promise and provided a free 5 step course explaining the 5 solutions mentioned in their first email.

The third and final email in the sequence provided even more value by giving the reader a free downloadable worksheet on how to apply the steps and concepts learned in the second email’s course.

In addition to the worksheet, the third email ended with an invitation into the free Facebook group for working moms just like them.

Return on investment

Was it a lot of time and work up front to research, draft, edit and set up these emails on the backend of my email service provider? Yes, it was an investment into your business! Your return on that investment is attracting and retaining clients.

However, once it’s set it’s done. The system is in place and next is monitoring the engagement and effectiveness.

Do you think if I just said “click here to join a free Facebook group for working moms” they would do it? Maybe, but it would depend on their decision-making stage. It may also depend on if they like or trust me.

I needed to gain trust and show authority. This was done by giving them consistent helpful information that taught them something and provided solutions to their specific problems.

Now they have a free inside look and I know they want to be in the Facebook group when they join.

Keep going

Continue sending helpful emails once per week as your newsletter.

In the end, you have a new email newsletter subscriber, a happy client and maybe even a new Facebook group member that you can sell solutions to.

Why? Because you invested in content that encouraged your client to realize they like, know, and trust you.

Periodically reflect on the clicks and conversions. Are people signing up? Are they clicking and responding?

Set a measurable goal for some metric results you want to see. Content marketing is long term strategy. Revert to your content marketing plan, strategy and goals to pivot as needed.

Need help creating a content marketing strategy or consistent email content to attract and retain clients for your business?

Click here to get started on an individualized plan for your business.

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