Being ready is a myth : 5 step mindset shift to reach your goals with ease

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Do you know what it takes to be ready? How do you know when you’re really ready? Here’s a hint that should take the pressure off…you will probably never actually be ready!

I was listening to some inspirational music on my way into work one day and heard something interesting. The guy talking said that being ready is a myth and my mind was blown.  

Are you ready for goals?

How often are you putting off tasks, dreams and goals because you think you’re not ready? Raising both my arms over here.

And if we don’t get “ready” in time this can lead to feelings of inadequacy, being left behind, or maybe always wanting to do something.

We spend so much time waiting to try something or do this thing we’ve always wanted to do because we think we’re not ready.

I do it too. We all do because we don’t want to fail or even worse sometimes…complete re-work.

A new mindset on goals

So anyways, the guy then went on to say that you’re really not ready until you’ve already completed the thing because it’s then that you actually know what to expect.

Think about it. You can have an idea of what to expect based on other people’s experiences but that’s about it.

You haven’t lived it so how do you really know?

How many times have you went after something thinking you were ready only to catch yourself saying “ wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be” ? Or what about “that was way harder than I expected”? Either way you did it.

So what I’m getting at is that the process you should be focusing on is preparation.

Okay, so here’s my challenge to you:

The get ready for anything challenge

Think about one thing you keep putting off because you say you’re not ready. Got it? Okay.

Step 1 : Make a list

Document on paper or electronically the things you need to do to get prepared and take an honest look at it.

Step 2 : Track negative thoughts

Now make note of any thoughts creeping in that may be holding you back. Track them.

Step 3 :Track self limiting beliefs

A self limiting belief is something false about yourself that you believe to be true and in turn it holds you back.

Step 4 : Focus

Set aside time on your calendar to dedicate to getting prepared.

Step 5 : Go for it

Do the dang thang! After you’re prepared go for it!

You already know ahead of time that you will make mistakes. Remember to understand that mistakes are just learning experiences.

Here we go

Okay, so now it’s time to put this process to use. What is one thing on your list that you can change from I’m not ready to I need to prepare?

It can be anything!

How does it feel to accomplish crazy goals?

After doing the work to get prepared what’s the worst that could happen? You will have gained a new set of skills to keep applying in different ways until it works.

Did you document the above steps? Document your answers and create a preparation plan. This will save you time and stress in the long run.

Remember not to get stuck on self-limiting beliefs and the focus phase.

Surprisingly this is where a lot of us get stuck and I feel like this is where the being ready is a myth idea truly shines.

We get stuck in the preparing phase because we want perfection and that, my lovely working mama, is impossible.

Stop holding yourself back

Again, think of a goal you haven’t worked towards because you think you’re not ready. What would it feel like to prepare for it and start taking action anyway? What would it feel like to go after it? You have the ability to do this.


Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back as a working mom striving for work life balance. Here are the productivity and time management hacks it takes to be ready for any goal. Learn a simple 5 step process to reaching your goals with ease. Here is the mindset shift it takes to get past negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and accomplish difficult goals as a working mom.

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