Positive affirmation paced office workout for working moms

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I mean come on what working mom couldn’t use a natural emotional pick me up during the work day? I’m not just talking about the workout.

Let’s add something empowering to motivate you not only through the workout but through the work day as well. Sound good?

When it comes to maintaining a state of wellness, exercise is fundamental. We know this, yet my working mamas tell me it’s tough to squeeze it into their morning routine and by the time evening rolls around they’re focused on family bonding or just not feeling the movement.

There’s always enough time

At some point you will need to find the timing that works for you, but for now I am going to give you some effective exercises you can do in the office.

As a working mom it’s super important to avoid the risks of missing out on exercise. Intentional movement throughout the day will boost your overall health, mood and productivity.

Not only that, but by moving during work hours you also get to avoid side effects of sitting at an office job such as Dead Butt Syndrome and poor posture.

Positive affirmations into the mix

This post will not only give you the moves but also some positive affirmations to go with them.

This is a trick I like to use that helps to keep me focused and gets me through each move in an empowering way.

Try these exercises and affirmations after a stressful (or boring) meeting or a few hours before the end of the work day.

This may be the best time to yourself that you can schedule in a decent workout.

Some days you will have other tasks that need attention during your regular workout sessions and this will serve as a way to avoid the excuses as they creep into your mind.

You may think you can’t fit in a workout session which may lead you to feel lazy, behind schedule, or even missing out. Nah, not here!

Office workouts are effective

Sure, you may need to freshen up and change your shirt, bust rest assured that if an entire sweat dripping, sore muscle inducing workout can be done with a simple ballet barre then surely you can get a quality workout in an office! Shout out to barre classes.

Remember to let busyness go

I’ve heard so many of us say “I work and I’m busy, there’s no time for me to workout”.

What if I told you busy was a state of mind and that you can always make time for what’s important and here is a way to put your health first? How would you feel?

If you’re in an office job then you’re probably at a computer, with poor posture and stressed muscles for most of the day.

It’s super important to step away from the computer and put your body to use. Let’s get started.

Positive affirmation based office workouts

Below are two 15 minute workouts with positive affirmations for each repetition to encourage you through each set.

You can do them separately on 15 minute breaks or together on a 30 minute lunch break.

Be sure to fuel your body with proper nutrition and stay hydrated.

Make sure no office equipment used is on unlocked wheels.

Feel free to use ankle and wrist weights for added challenge!

Lower body office workout

Each exercise is continuous for 1 minute. Repeat it 3 times.

Wall Sit

How to : Stand against the wall; walk your feet out about 2 feet keeping them shoulder width apart; slide your back down the wall until your knees form a 90 degree angle with both your ankles and hips. Hold it for 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I can do hard things

Chair Squat

How to : Doing a traditional squat keep lowering your body until your butt touches the chair then rise back to standing and keep repeating for 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation. Jump squats for challenge.

Positive affirmation : I’m only getting stronger

Chair Tapping Lunge

How to : Doing a traditional lunge use the chair as your starting and ending landmark as you start and end each lunge. It’s your choice here of alternating legs for 1 minute for 30 seconds continuously for each while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I am honoring my body

Hamstring Curl

How to : Starting with feet hip width apart hold onto your office chair; extend one leg out behind you with your toes on the floor; slowly lift your heel towards your butt then return it to the floor with control. Stay on the right leg for 30 seconds and then the left for 30 seconds while repeating a positive affirmation .

Positive Affirmation : My future self is so grateful for this moment

Knee Lift

How to : Standing with feet hip width apart; bring one knee into the chest then lower back to the floor. Alternate knees for 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I am so thankful I get to move my body

Upper body office workout

Wall Push Up

How to : These beauties are great. Do them just like a regular push up but your hands are on the wall. Place your palms on the wall about shoulder width apart and your feet should be hip width apart and around your arm’s length from the wall. Bend your elbows to lower your nose to the wall and push back up. Work your way up to 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation. Advance to using your desk for more depth when ready.

Positive affirmation : I am making myself a priority   

Arm raises

How to : Totally showing my age here (and proud of it!). There was a dance back in the 90’s called “raise the roof”. Same concept. Put your hands up to your ears and turn your palms to the ceiling until they’re flat with bent elbows. Raise your palms up to straighten your arms and lower them back to the starting bent position. Do this for 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I deserve to be a priority in my life.

Chair Dips

How to : You can do this with or without arm rests. Sit in your office chair without wheels and grab the arm rests with your fingers wrapped underneath and thumbs on top. Lift and lower yourself for one repetition. If no arm rests then grab the sides of the seat in the same manner and lift and lower as well. Depending on your chair you may need to do this in front of your chair. Work your way up to 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I choose to make intentional effort to progress

Arm Circles

How to : Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and extend both arms out to each side of you keeping them in line with your shoulder. Make circle motions traveling the range of eyes to armpits. Travel 30 seconds in both directions while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : This is my gift to myself


How to : Your choice of a standing in a fighting stance with slightly bent knees and your guard up. Or you can do a squat with your fists just under the pecs in line with your elbows (fingers facing the ceiling). Each fist punches out front with a turn of the fist at the end of the punch. I’m a martial artist so I could go on and on about perfecting the perfect punch technique so I’m going to stop here before I get carried away. Punch continuously for 1 minute while repeating a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmation : I am strong enough to advocate for myself

There you go! A free, easy to follow workout laid out for you. You can only feel better right?!

Exercise is one of the many natural ways to boost Serotonin, your happy hormone.

Make it your own

Note the length to each exercise and create your own positive affirmations! If you’re spiritual or religious then I challenge you to take it step deeper.

For example, I’m a Christian so I like to use my go to scriptures when I’m stressed as my affirmations sometimes.

Heck, sometimes I repeat “this is almost over” because it is and that may be the thought I need to push through it.

Use a different affirmation for each or use one single positive affirmation to empower you through the entire workout. Make it work for you.  

Creating real results

You’re not only changing your mindset while working out, but you are creating results.

The affirmations are great, but your action of pairing exercise with them is driving those holistic results. Enjoy!

Schedule your office workout

Let me know what part of your work day you plan to add this office workout to. Add it to your calendar so you don’t forget.

Adding in exercise will increase your productivity and make you feel better all around. Who couldn’t use a nice serotonin booster during the work day?

Don’t succumb to the office worker butt. Your butt, back and hip flexors will thank you.

See, you actually do have enough time to work out. You just need to do it in the most efficient ways and now you can do that. Do this any day of the work week and pump your mind while you pump your muscles!


An office workout with positive affirmations is a natural emotional pick me up during the work day for working moms. It is empowering to motivate yourself not only through the office workout but through the work day as well. When it comes to maintaining a state of wellness for working moms, an exercise routine is fundamental. Here is an office workout routine you can use to squeeze into day so your morning routine and evening routines are not affected.

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