Time Saving Painting Supplies For Any Room

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I’ll be honest here. When it comes to painting it was something I was always a little intimidated about. It wasn’t something I did a lot of growing up, but I always wanted to try. Sometimes the problem is not knowing what you don’t know.

I thought all I needed was paint and a brush. Maybe one of those roller thingys. I also thought I could just put on some comfy clothes and get right to it…..not so much. But that’s okay, every book has a page one. We all start somewhere.

I had to make quite a few trips back and forth to pick up the supplies I needed. As working moms our downtime is scarce and precious so we don’t have time for all the extra running around.

When we set our mind and time to get something done we want to get it done in the most efficient way possible.

Let’s do that and discuss what supplies you will need to quickly paint a room correctly from the start.

The Supplies

Preparation phase

Screw Driver

You will use this in the preparation stage of painting to remove hardware like outlet covers.

Painter’s tape

This will keep you from getting paint on the wrong places. Some brands have a time limit on how long they can stay on so be sure to look into that.

Spackling paste

This is also called “putty”. It is used to cover up any hole repair needed before painting. It doesn’t take much. If you just have a few tiny pin holes like I did, then the smallest jar should be plenty.

Putty knife

Multiple uses here. Use this device to spread and smooth the spackle. You can also use it to smooth on the painter’s tape.


This is sandpaper and is available as a sponge and paper.

Painting phase

Wall Paint

The estimated square feet that one gallon of paint will cover is 350. To find the amount of paint your room needs divide the area of the room by 350. You can get the area by multiplying the length of the ceiling by its width. My room took roughly two gallons.  

Paint of the same color can vary by finishes. It is important to note that if you have textured walls it may take a little more paint to stick evenly.

Your best bet would be to get a few samples in different finishes to see how it looks on your wall.

Trim paint

I used about ½ gallon for my room. You can also use it for doors and molding if they’re the same color.

Paint can opener

My go to here is a flat screw driver. Some stores give you the device for free when you purchase paint so don’t forget to ask for it and save money.

Angled brush

You will need this brush for those hard to reach places like tight angles and corners of the room.

Smaller cut bucket

This just makes life easier. The smaller bucket here is used to be more mobile and convenient when toting paint around while using the cutting angle brush. You can also use this for when you paint the trim.

Money saver : If you forget this item or want to save money, then you can always use an old clean, plastic container you were going to throw out anyway.

Bucket or tray

I like to use a 5 gallon bucket with a screen to hold the paint. Don’t forget the screen! You’ll need it to work the paint evenly into the roller. Make sure you get a lid if you’re going this route.

Another option is to get a painting tray just make sure you get a liner for easy clean up.

Money saving tip – some people will use a plastic garbage bag as their liner.

Large and small roller with frame

The large foam roller is for the walls. You can use the small roller for tighter areas.

Extension pole

Okay, so I’m 5’4” with 8 foot ceilings. That’s a lot of wall to cover with just a ladder and a roller. The extension easily screws onto the foam roller frame giving you enough reach to paint with the foam roller. Do your arms, back and precious time a favor and get one of these. Some come adjustable depending on the reach you need.

Cardboard or drip cloth

You will notice as you paint that the paint will drip off of the roller, brush or even the wall. Drip cloths serve as a way to protect your floor. I chose to use leftover cardboard boxes as a budget friendly option. You can use old towels or really any throw away materials that you don’t mind getting ruined.


Okay y’all, I totally forgot about this one. Why is it that the obvious supplies often get overlooked the most? The ladder will help with painting those hard to reach places we discussed because you will be using the angled brush, not the roller with extension.

One room at a time

I chose to start with my office for the first room to paint. It’s my creative outlet space and where I like to recharge for self care.

It was in desperate need of paint. The previous color was a bland tan which is not my personality at all nor does it get me in the creative mindset.

Keep your list

This will help so much when you get ready to give your next room a makeover. Like I said working moms are busy. We love an efficient checklist, right?! Okay mama, there’s your checklist to get in and get out so you can get started.

Let me know

Are you planning on painting a room anytime soon? I thought I wouldn’t  like it but I actually find it quite relaxing as long as I can just get started and go. Having this checklist handy helps me to stay organized at the home improvement store. If you use any other products for time efficient painting let me know!

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All ready to paint a room and have no clue what supplies you need? I've been there. Read this article for a quick and organized list of the most frequently used painting supplies for rooms. Separated into 5 necessary supplies for preparing the room for paint and 10 supplies for painting it. Use these items for the most efficient painting experience. Especially for the working mom that wants to sneak in some painting time. Budget friendly options are included.

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