How To Get True Self Care in Motherhood : More Than A Pretty Pedicure

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What thoughts come to mind when you hear “moms need to do self care”? Are you thinking about the most awesome pampering activities?

Have you put off self care because you’re waiting for the right time or maybe even need to save money for a fancy spa day? What if I told you that you could practice self care for free?

This is what I thought self care was all about. Taking some time alone or with girlfriends to pamper myself. Then I kept wondering why I felt okay in the moment, but not refreshed or rejuvenated.

Getting strategic about self care

I am about to give you different strategies to focus on so that you can come up with your own personal self care routine and really get the most out of those pampering activities?

For the mom that is neglecting self care and may not know it. I feel you. Keep reading for the top strategies I suggest for rocking your way through self care like a boss and not feeling guilty about it.


Before we even start let’s get something straight. It is okay to put yourself first and set time in your schedule to recharge. You need this and I will explain why. No guilt here okay?! Okay cool, let’s get it.  

When you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you have less energy for other areas in your life. Renew your mothering spirit and come out a better mom on the other side with these tips.

Get your mind right for healthy steadfast motherhood. I’ve found that it helps me to appreciate the pedicures and facials even more when I’m in the right mindset.

Self Care Defined

Self care interpretation for women: Pamper yourself with activities that make you feel pretty, special and sexy. I love these activities as much as the next mom, but we need to nurture the internal before focusing on the external.

Self care true definition: the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, especially during periods of stress.

The purpose of this article is to focus on the well-being and happiness aspect of this definition.

When to start?

Anytime. We are creating a self care routine for you to incorporate into daily steadfast living. It may be once a week or 20 minutes every morning. This is your journey and do what works for you.

Often times, mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else that we neglect ourselves. The need for a self care pick me up can manifest as anxiety, loneliness, overwhelm, etc. Try making this routine a prevention strategy to avoid it getting to that point.


I am not a mental health professional, just a working mom sharing my experience with overwhelm wanting to help you. This is for informational purposes only. Not for diagnosis or treatment.

Ahhh a good therapy sesh

I love love love professional therapy. It sucks that it’s so freaking taboo. I suggest and support 100% for every mom to invest in an awesome therapist. There are many that are covered by health insurance and some employers pay for a certain number of sessions. Don’t get discouraged if you have to try on a few to get a good fit.

The Strategy

These methods are my ideas of what creates an overall kick butt self care routine.

You need to pick activities that are in line with these methods that make you feel less stressed, whole and energized.

Self care should be your reset button. This is time set apart for your “me time” to regroup and come back stronger.

1. Cleanse

Have you noticed that we typically start our day off with a shower? Almost every diet out there starts with some sort of cleanse first. It’s that “out with the old and in with the new” mentality. Starting fresh.

Plus, and I’m going to be blunt here. Hygiene matters! If you stink or your hair needs some attention because you’ve been overdoing the trucker bath and dry shampoo to save time, you need to wash your you know what. There’s a peace in starting fresh and I want that for you.  

2. Self recognition

It may not be motherhood, it could be any tough situation. Whatever may be stressing you out or taking over for the moment. Take some time to appreciate yourself and recognize how far you’ve come.

It could be one thing you’ve done that makes you feel good about yourself. Make it positive and hold on to it. It’s based on real, actual proof. Anxiety is not. Quiet the anxiety and inner critic with a positive focus.

3. Rest

Sleep is the best form of rest, but let’s assume you’re already getting decent sleep. If not, then start there. (I know, that’s asking a lot). As busy moms we cant always nap, and if we’re all wound up and anxious we really couldn’t nap if we tried. I’ve been there.

Taking a moment to relax with intentional breath will both mentally and physically give your nervous system a break. It also sets the tone for meditation and mental clarity.

4. Physical Health

Did you know that exercise can increase your happy hormone? Our bodies were made to move. This doesn’t mean you have to kill it at the gym and shoot for 6 pack abs. But you do need to ditch a sedentary rut if you’re stuck in one.

Our gut is often referred to as the second brain which means you really are what you eat. Think of nourishing your body with a variety of healthy foods as self care because it increases your happy hormone as well.

I challenge you to clean up your nutrition and see how much better you feel over time. No need to get obsessive about it, just be aware and in control.

5. Self Help

Self help is therapeutic. If you cant treat yourself to a regular therapy session due to cost, then try the self help section of your local or digital book store. What you’re doing now by reading this article is technically self help, so there ya go!

Like I said I advocate for mothers in therapy, especially new moms. Motherhood is the best thing in the world but it’s stressful. Your life literally changes into this whole new world with no instructions or rules and all you want to do is succeed.

That. Is. Overwhelming. Speaking to a qualified therapist and engaging in self help activities can help organize the overwhelm. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right one, but when you do it can work wonders.

6. Education and Knowledge

Staying informed on topics that affect you gives a sense of awareness and empowerment. You are less likely to feel helpless and more likely to feel educated and capable.

I encourage all women to understand their bodies and learn how to keep themselves healthy. This is why I created the women’s health section of our community.

7. Coping Strategies

Self care is a daily lifestyle change. That’s why I put the “365” in the website title. You need to make self care a habit and that means you need coping strategies as life happens.

I love spa days as much as the next mom, but that’s not a reliable self care plan. You need something that you can turn to and depend on at anytime.

It doesn’t matter where I am, how long the line is, if a salon is open or how much money is in my pocket. Using coping strategies like mantras or deep breathing can really help you get through a stressful moment.

8. Community

Nobody gets very far alone. It’s hard to make new friends as a mom, and sometimes friendships change as your attention focuses on your family. Being able to share the load helps to relieve the pressure and take the overwhelm out of it.

The good news is that there are many ways moms can connect and grow from there. You’re not the first woman to become a mom so trust me when I say this. Whatever it is, another mom has been right there with you. You are not alone.

9. Get a Hobby

You were someone before you were a mom and a caregiver. What did that person love to do? Try to get back to doing that sometime and see how you feel.

This is all about taking a step outside of the mom life hustle and embracing your identity as a person. For me it’s writing, blogging and martial arts. These are things I thought I could never do, but I tried it anyway and I’m only getting better. What about you?

Tell Me More

I’m curious, what is something that made you feel energized and empowered that you used to do before becoming a mom?

It doesn’t mean it’s more important, but it does speak to your identity and that special woman matters. I believe in getting to the root of the issue, cleaning it up and polishing the masterpiece.

To me, that’s self care. I kept doing all the things I thought self care was yet I was still stressing and overwhelmed. Following these strategies quickly helped me to organize my mindset and put myself first.

I hope these strategies will help you organize the overwhelm and create a self care routine that works for you.

Sharing Is Caring

Do you know of another mom that could use a quick self care makeover? Feel free to share this article if you found it helpful.

Thanks for hanging out with me.


Self care for busy moms is way more than a spa day. Learn 9 key strategies to practice effective self care for moms and get your free tracker for real results. This article dives into 9 different life changing self care methods for moms to finally get some results out of self care. Do you keep wondering why those pretty pedicures and alone time still leave you wanting more? Go to the article now and let’s get started.

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