VALUES : What are they and how do you find them?

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Values. We hear the buzz word quite often, but what does it really mean? The value I’m referring to is not about financial worth. It’s about finding the ingredients to living a better life. Sound good?

If you need some direction because you know something is missing in your livelihood but can’t quite put your finger on it then you’re in the right place.

Let’s see. You’re busting your hump day after day and things may look good on paper but it’s not quite cutting it emotionally.

It’s like a part of you is missing in the fulfillment department. Something just isn’t quite right.

Don’t get me wrong I mean you’re totally thankful and doing your best but you know there’s more. You’re so close!

What are values?

Values soar beyond the basic human need for care and survival. Values are things that make you the best version of yourself.

For the most part they are based in a feeling or emotion. These babies are attributes that make you feel like your most authentic self when you’re doing them and they will fuel your core decisions.

Do you know how to quickly name your values without thinking about it?

Keep reading, by the end of this post you will be able to start identifying your values and maybe even realize that you don’t value what you thought you did. Mind blown!

You will be able to see how your values are showing up in your life…or not.

Getting this process down is a game changer that will breathe life into your days.

It’s hard to identify your values when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Start here

If you’ve been living out of sync with your values for some time then you may not recognize how that feels right away.

So many of us continue living this way thinking it’s the norm and we unfortunately adapt.

When you’re not living in line with your values you may feel unfulfilled and even stressed because you’re living a life without honoring your true nature.

You may even find yourself saying yes to the wrong things.

So if you’re trying hard but not meeting the mark emotionally and ready for a change the keep on reading.

First let’s let go of any guilt together. Ready? Breathe in….okay let it out!

Why do I need to know my own values?

Well, a few reasons. It’s so flippin easy to buy into society’s values and as working moms we tend to focus on identifying with our job’s values instead of our own.

Not knowing the difference between corporate values and personal values can really affect you in the sneakiest ways.

Corporate values vs personal values

Corporate values are for companies and these are characteristics that they believe will drive their company to success.

Your personal values will do the same for you in your own life.

Let’s talk about corporate values for a second….take customer service example.

Every time I go to this one specific restaurant with French fries delivered directly from Heaven I always see a certain gentleman refilling the customers’ beverages.

He has other duties but he takes pride in serving people. He remembers regular customer names and always has a genuine smile and quick service. One of the restaurants values is customer service.

This gentleman is working in line with their values and customers have a great experience, leave happy, and return with more customers. Business is booming. Get my drift?

Give me my values already

I understand that you don’t always want something handed to you. You go after what you want and that’s why you’re reading this blog post.

You’re ready to make a change. This means you value self improvement and that’s an excellent place to start.

It’s best when personal values are discovered, not chosen or given.

So instead of giving you a list of values to choose from I will give you some pointers on how to start discovering them for yourself.

Start discovering your values  

To determine your values, start thinking of things that build you up. Ask yourself questions to get the thoughts flowing.

If these things were missing you would feel out of whack.

As you work through this process of discovering your values things will start to make sense as to why you may be feeling unfulfilled in certain areas.

Make a list of your values

You will see some repeated values and that’s great. Start to group similar ones together and see what trends you notice among them.

Schedule your time, energy and to dos around your core values as much as possible for a more fulfilled life. Start listing them as priorities on your schedule. SShhh it’s a secret weapon against stress.

Stop that “yeah I’m good but something is missing” feeling and start honoring yourself. It is part of self care.

Values and time management

Honoring your values will help you significantly with your time management efforts because you will start to approach it from a holistic level instead of simply getting tasks checked off.

This means that decisions you make, goals you set and even how your time is spent from day to day will consistently have your personal and best interests at the forefront.

Let’s make that shift from feeling unfulfilled to living your best life. That’s what that phrase means right?


Learn what values truly are and how to get direction on discovering your values for work life balance. As a working mom you know values are important and that something is missing in your work life balance but can’t quite put your finger on it. Values need to be discovered by you, not given like they are at work. Check out this post to discover your values.

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