4 Benefits To DIY Projects For Working Moms

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DIY stands for “do it yourself” and the possibilities are endless. The name of the game is to create, modify or fix something on your own instead of hiring someone in that field to do it for you.

When I searched why women should complete DIY projects I found a lot of beauty and style tips. This was great and I definitely bookmarked some things I wanted to try, but it also let me know there needs to be more support for other types of projects done by women.

There are so many benefits to working women completing DIY projects of all kinds. I came across these benefits in my own life as I started completing more projects on my own.

DIY was always something I wanted to take on, but I put it off by telling myself I was too busy. In reality I wasn’t too busy, I was actually afraid.

I was afraid of failure. I was afraid of doing something new and I let my inner critic tell me I wasn’t skilled enough to pull it off.

Every working mom is different so I’m not going to put us in a box, but I have a tendency to want things done right the first time. This is what we’re taught in the workplace and sometimes that perfectionist mindset spills into home life.

Sometimes you just have to start small and go for it because the point is that you started. The feeling of accomplishment after any DIY project is amazing.  

The Benefits

1. Empowering

Personal projects boost confidence because you are learning a new skill and sharpening it each time. You’re learning the ability to make something out of raw materials. How cool is that? You get to look at the finished product and say “I did that”.

Did you know that according to a recent study by Home Improvement Research Institute that more women are completing DIY home improvement projects yielding about 40%. I believe we’re onto something here.

2. Relieves anxiety

DIY projects will provide a productive outlet for you. It gives you a chance to work on something and create a desired result. Small wins like these are so important because they force a break from work life while enhancing your well being.

That break from work and chaotic, needy mom life helps you to return with an open mind. You know that life will still be there waiting on the other side, but your perspective may very well change.

3. Make a house a home

Ahhh this one has been my personal mission for a while. Homemaking is a process, but so worth it. I really didn’t get serious about making our house a home until I became a mom.

My sense of family grew stronger and I wanted my family to feel safe and cozy at home with loving memories around. My house had the bare essentials of the single life and needed a more personal touch.

What’s more is that as I was in the thick of working mom life I came to realize I needed help mentally separating from the work day.

Taking on projects like sprucing up curb appeal with a fresh driveway, planting our grapefruit tree, and adding fresh paint to makeover a room were a few things I did to get started.

You want your home to also be somewhere you feel proud of. As working moms we wear so many hats and it can be tough to make that switch as we transition into home life. Projects like these can ease that transition.

4. Other Avenues For Success

It’s important that we maintain our identity. You will need something outside of work and being a mom to make you feel successful.

This is why having a hobby is great for your self care routine which you can read more about here if you wish. You need to know that you can be successful at completing creative projects other than at work.

You also need your own life with accomplishments and well being outside of motherhood. Plus it’s a way to work on your own time, without rules or expectations. Can I get a whoop whoop for that one?

Starter DIY projects

Like I said the possibilities of creating things are endless. You can do something as simple as putting together your own special cleaning solution to making a fancy birdhouse. It’s really just based on what your needs are or what you may be into at the moment.

Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing (or Pinterest lol)

  • bath / shower bombs
  • sugar scrubs
  • breakfast in bed tray from a cutting board
  • coasters

So now that you have an idea of how a DIY hobby can benefit you, what do you think? I gave a few easy starter projects. Which will you try first?

My advice after all of this would be to keep an open mind and make each project your own. Take your time!

Lessons through learning

Something else I learned along the way was how to ask for help. Remember when I was talking about being afraid of doing it wrong, or wasting my time?

Well, I learned to combat that fear by asking questions and doing research to find out exactly what I needed to know. Sometimes it comes through trial and error.

Once I learned to embrace the process it became less stressful and intimidating. I didn’t have anyone to impress, no deadlines or evaluations. Just me.

DIY in comparison

You know what? I think learning these lessons repeatedly with each project helps me to keep my role as a working mother in perspective as well.

We don’t always get it perfectly right. Sometimes we need to ask for help and figure stuff out along the way, but it’s our own experience and we’re doing our best.

With that being said, I hope you follow along as I embark on tackling DIY projects as well. I will be keeping you updated and posting some simple tutorials that you can start the next time you take some time for yourself. You deserve it!

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Working moms not only need a creative outlet but also a way to celebrate success outside of work and family life. We are steadily taking over the DIY space due to benefits like these. Included are a few sample projects ranging from beauty to home improvement to get you started in DIY. Read here to find out why starting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects needs to be on your to do list.

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