Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Working Mom

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Have you been asked what you want for Mother’s Day? Well, if you’re a working mom and you actually get asked this question, then you are in for a treat my friend.

Come on now, we get one day out of the year where we are expected to be completely selfish. I say marvel in it and ask for exactly what you want.

The woman who has it all

However, I’ve noticed that for some reason people think that working moms have it all together and don’t really need anything.

In my experience, I’ve learned that like many other things in adult life, you must communicate. You cant expect people, especially men, to know what you need if you don’t tell them.

My issue was figuring out what I needed as a working mama and then how to actually ask for it.

I’m going to show you exactly how its done.

Now. We are some pretty bad mama jammas if I may say so myself, but we still need our moments to decompress and get spoiled just like any other woman.

It dosent make us weak or lack any independence, it makes us human.

Still Thoughtful

Sometimes we get stuck when asked what we want and just reply with a simple “oh, whatever you get me is fine”.

You know what? It really is fine because we know it’s the thought that counts, buuuut remember when I said this is our day to be selfish?

With some well meaning people you do have to literally say exactly what you want. I see how that can take the thoughtfulness away. It feels like you can just go out and get it yourself.

If you want the thoughtfulness and surprise factor but still want to get exactly what you need, then keep reading.

So the burning question really is “what does the independent, working woman actually need?”

We need something that shows recognition, reduces stress from the daily grind. I’ll be daring and say we could even use some ongoing reminders of this too.

I mean, we get one day we may as well rack up and make it last lol. Give them these ideas instead of actual gifts and see what they come up with!

Stick with these gift types

1. Recognition

We don’t need people patting us on the back all day every day constantly boosting us up and saying how good of a job we’re doing. You may as well be patting us on the head.

That’s not what recognition for working moms is about. It’s about being appreciative and saying I see you and I feel you. It’s not easy what you’re doing but you’re doing it anyway and you’re making it work. Use these types of gifts as keepsakes for motivation throughout the year.

Gifts that show recognition could be :

  • Something personalized with your name
  • A handwritten note

2. Efficient productivity

That phrase in itself shows that Im a working mom lol. Being able to organize the overwhelm is key for us. We’re juggling so many things and being pulled in so many different directions because we are needed in all of these ways.

We have to know how to quickly switch hats. Workin’ mamas need structure and organization. We don’t have to organize our whole life, but maybe there’s one area that could use a little attention.

It could be a way to organize our thoughts, tasks, health and fitness routines in a reliable way that is …you guessed it… time efficient. We don’t have a lot of free time. We stay on a mission to get stuff done!

Free up that time for maximum quality time with family and friends. Quality time is my love language and I drink it up! It is pure jet fuel for my soul. Organize the overwhelm to create more quality time.

Gifts that provide efficient productivity could be:

  • Cleaning service if you despise chores
  • Smart Watch
  • Personalized journal

3. More than one day 

You want something to help you stay grounded year round.You know, the whole “gift that keeps on giving” idea.

This is why I am a huge fan of subscriptions as gifts. It consistently reminds you of the meaning of mothers day. It’s a great reminder that you made it meet your specific needs.

You know what? Sometimes you will be so caught up in the work week that you forget the subscription box is coming.

Oh my goodness what a perfectly timed surprise! Have you ever been shopping and then later you’re like “oh yeah I totally forgot I bought that?!” It feels like Christmas.

Or you find extra chocolate you thought was gone? How about a $5 bill in your pocket while doing laundry? Same feeling!

Subscription boxes are hands down my favorite gift for working moms because it combines all of these ideas in one! All. Year. Long.

You deserve to feel this way all year long.

These boxes can last you throughout the month or longer so you get these fresh ideas on how to care for yourself, appreciate yourself and even just reflect.

Subscription gifts could be :

  • Dinner Subscription : So many options for use here! They come with interesting food to prepare and recipe cards. Use it during an in home date night. You can unwind with a friend, partner, or by your dang self! LOL. Besides the obvious unwind factor you actually learn and it takes the guess work out of “what’s for dinner tonight?” Each month you get to learn about a new food and they break it down into easy to understand terms and cooking steps.
  • Candy Subscription: A mom with a sweet tooth’s dream! If you want a variety of fresh, interesting candies delivered every month, then give it a try. Many are also backed by a money back guarantee if you don’t love it so check for that. I highly suggest hiding these from your kids if you don’t want to share. Maybe have a little fun with hiding them in plain sight! Write “fresh green vegetables” or “bills” on it and see how that works for you. Have fun!
  • Stitch Fix Subscription : This is a personal styling subscription that every working mom needs to know about! Everyone has that one specific thing that trips them up. I have a few, but one is finding my professional style for work. Next would be having the patience to shop through multiple clothing stores to put together outfits. No thanks. I’m actually getting tired and frustrated just thinking about it. I would much rather spend that time and energy with my family, friends or even take myself on a date. If this is you too, then you need to try Stitch Fix

Okay, so you get to start by taking their style quiz and then it’s 3 simple steps after that :

  1. Complete your free profile
  2. Request a delivery
  3. Only keep what you want

Returns are simple and they provide you with the completed return envelope. Stitch Fix offers sizes 0-24W (xs-3x) covering petite, plus and maternity. I love that they serve real women of all different styles, shapes, sizes and stages of womanhood.

This is also perfect for the woman returning to work after maternity leave trying to find a style for her new, postpartum body.

It only costs $20 for a fix and you get that off of an item you keep and my second fix was free!

Use this link and get a $25 credit. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

4. Self care

You are about 95% for sure going to get something to pamper yourself on Mother’s Day at some point. Grab it and be thankful! This is where I want you to love that up.

If you’ve been following along with your free self care guide then you know I say there is a time and place to use pampering as self care and this is it. Plus, duh it’s fun!

Ideas are endless here depending on your needs. You can visit this post on self care to get an idea.

Some self care suggestions could be :

  • Gift card for yourself : Something that forces you to hand over the baton. Make yourself take a mental health day to practice self care. Here’s the thing.Whoever gets you this gift has the duty of making sure they tell you  to use it. I say this because sometimes we feel guilty for taking the initiative to do it ourselves. This is your ticket out of guilt town through the guise of a gift. You deserve this.
  • A day of pampering activities : This could be the spa or even a trip to the hair salon.

Tying it all together

The theme I want you to take away from this article is advocating for yourself. Know that it is totally okay, and probably very much appreciated, when you speak up and say what you want.

I think of Mother’s Day as a time to allow recognition, appreciation and positive reflection for moms without guilt. If people want to spoil you, then let them. You deserve it!

Reflect on that feeling throughout the year with these gift ideas so you can ditch that guilt for good.

Your challenge

Okay, so now you know what to say when you get asked “what do you want for Mother’s Day?”

I challenge you to tell them. I think you will find a lot of use out of these practical gifts for working moms.

Share this article with other working moms so they can reap the benefits too! Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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Okay working moms, we get one day out of the year where we are expected to be completely selfish. I say marvel Mother’s Day and ask for exactly what you want. People think working moms have it all together and don’t really need anything. We need ways to organize the overwhelm and pampering. But what does that look like? My issue was figuring out what I needed as a working mom and then knowing how to ask for it. I’m going to show you exactly how its done. If you want the surprise factor on Mother’s Day, but still want to get the exact gifts you need, then keep reading.

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